Friday, 10 February 2017

News from Delicious Doodles!

Well helloooooo everybody! Those that are still watching this page anyhoo. My bad, I am somewhat of an infrequent visitor here these days,oops.
Anyway, hope you are all well doodling pen has been steaming recently, poor wee thing, need a replacement now, lol.

I have some news from the land of the Delicious Doodle. As well as releasing images as usual, I have decided to make all of the new ones into a larger size, so they can be used for both crafting, and for colouring page enthusiasts. Some of you may have noticed that already.

Speaking of colouring pages, I have also been working on some colouring books! I have a few out through Amazon now, two via a publisher...Gothic Halloween (featuring many of my older Halloween Delicious Doodles images),

and Dark Skies (which is mostly new images, plus a few reworked ones from the Horrorscope series) which are all grayscale images.

As well as these I have published a few book by myself using Amazon's own print on demand service. Yes the paper quality isn't great, but I can't afford the regular print prices, sorry!

The first one, Colouring Through the Year, was a humongous year long effort, working it between other projects. It features monthly planner pages, floral pages, and pages based on ancient festival with gods and goddesses, animal totems, and celtic tree month references too.

All of the images in this book are brand new. You will find the separate sections in the Delicious Doodles Shop as PDF files, with the goddess pages also as single images for purchase.

The next one is a small book that can be popped into the bag! It's a 6x6 inch book featuring many of your favourite images, some with added text to colour as well. The Book of Little Art. Great for colouring on the go!

Finally to my newest book. This one is a collection of all the lovely girl images from my Delicious Doodles store, hence the name The Delicious Doodles Collection, Book One - Feminine. 36 of my most popular ladies all in one place!

I am going to be adding more titles to the Delicious Doodles Collection series over the coming months. I am already working on a 'Flora and Fauna' volume, I plan to do a Scenic volume too.

So, keep your eyes peeled for those folks!
Stay well and take care!

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