Monday, 10 March 2014

Let's Play a Game. . .

Hellooooo folks!

No, I'm not actually asking if anyone wants to play a game. I don't do games, can't stand the though of losing!! So I just don't play!

But today sees the start of the new theme at HDH, Macabre Monday Challenges, and this time we are paying an homage to that rather nasty fella, Jigsaw from the movie franchise 'SAW'. Gruesome stuff there in those movies, well some of them. Got a bit silly towards the end me thinks, but you could say that about most movies that release too many sequels.

Anyroadup, this make started life as a box, but I couldn't figure out what I was going to do with it, so it was dismantled and rejigged into a mobile/windchime affair. Be warned folks, some blood effects in these photos, so if you are squeamish, look away NOW!!!

Before the blood-fest:

After fake blood has been added:

I raided the hubby's shed for most of these items. Bolts, nuts, bits of metal things washers, drill bits.
The thing with the very pointy teeth was made using a couple of 'wood joiners' I bought from the local DIY store, along with the jigsaw blades.
It's all been cobbled together using fuse wire and chain/earring loops from my jewellery stash.

That's it from me then folks! Try not to hurt yourself when making your game/jigsaw makes this fortnight!


Monique Van dijk said...

oooh it is scary, LOL think it is an awesome mobile to hang in the dungeon

great idea

DonnaMundinger said...

Holy smokes, lady! You're lucky to have come out of this one alive! Totally outdone yourself and I image you got a few frustrations out in the making. LOL Not peekin' in that shed, though. Nope,not me. no way, no how. YIKES!

KristyLee said...

This is just freaking awesome, and gross, and macabre, and .... and....
and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
You said:"earring loops from my jewellery stash." it made me laugh! Love the wood joiners w/ teeth! You have done a marvelous job here!