Monday, 29 July 2013

Get Yer Chunk On!

Howya doing folks?
Been a nightmarish few days (or rather nights) here.

Speyfest. Bloody pain in the arse!!! 
It's the local music festival, and it plays lots of fiddles and (kind of) Celtic music. Although it's a bit modern for the most part. Wouldn't mind if they kept the levels at what they are in the daytime, but after 10.30pm it gets cranked up for the Stomp and blares out until gone 1.30 for two days, last night thankfully it finished early at 11.30. Trouble is, all the drunkards take such a long time to get home, and make helluva rackit. Not to mention the damage they did to the church gates just down the road from us here.
Anyhooose, just about caught up with the sleep, or lack of it.

So, I'm here with my DT make for Haunted Design House. Only a week late. I'm supposed to be on week one for each challenge - me BAD!!
Our theme this time then is:

Chunky ATC challenge.
Have you got your wood yet? 
Remember, it doesn't have to be made of wood.
It can be any kind of substrate like cardboard, foam sheets, a hollow
box. Just as long as it meets the measurement requirements of
3.5" x 2.5" x 1.5" total.

Ack, well I have cheated for mine.
I haven't used wood or anything like it in fact. I made a wee box out of cardstock, to which I added some wooden beads for the legs. I was at a loss for what to do with it when I was done. So I just added lace, and rose trim round the outside.
It's a work in progress. I wanted it to house a lot of little ATC's which I am making at the mo using some of my newer images. Anyway, here are a bunch of piccies:

Here is the box on the inside.
Still needs finishing off with something to hide the makings of it.

And here it is housing those ATC's, which I am still working on.
I have shown one of them here, it uses my Horrorscope - Virgo image

Here she is bigger.
The frame I cut from the back of an old sketch pad, you know, that thick card stuff. It took some cutting with my scalpel blades - got through five of the darned things doing all the ATC's and cutting out the middles too! My image is printed out and left as it comes, no extra colouring. I printed it again for my fussy cut decoupaged hands which are raised up on foam pads.

All told there will be twelve little ATC's that will fit into my box. I still need to do something for the top - but I think I have an idea for that now, thanks to a suggestion by one of my teamies!! MWAH!

So, get yer creep on and get yer chunky out folks!
Have fun!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Freaker's Free For All

Has it really been almost a whole month since I was last here??!!
Man, where does the time go? Still, this past week has been a blur what with MIL visiting.

But here I am now with a very quick make. Well, not really a make even.
It's just a quick digital offering for the Macabre Monday Challenge 
I missed my deadline for last week, as I am on Team A, so I am butting in on Team B's week, lol

There you have it folks!

A new image which will be in the Delicious Doodles Shop this Wednesday
'Angel of Death'

and the backing paper which I made using my 'Pile o' Bones' image

Why not get your freak on and enter our challenge this week!!