Saturday, 18 May 2013

Upgrading! And Image Retirements...

Hello all, how you keeping?

Lovely and damp here - dismal in fact!
Typical Scottish summer really, and to think,it will soon be the longest day! Time for those nights to be drawing in again, sheesh!!

Anyroadup, I am calling in today to let you all know that I have a new, proper web shop for my doodles! Wooo-hoooo!! About blummin' time mind you. Delicious Doodles has been in business for almost four years, and all that time it has been on blogger (free!)

Here is the link if you wanted to take a peek. It's still a work in progress, so please bear with me!

I have been thinking about it for ages though. What with changes to blogger and uncertainty over 'following' issues I decided to bite the bullet and get on with the upgrade. Okay, so it's now costing me money per month, but hopefully when I dispose of Payloadz I can save a few quid.

The upgrade does mean however that I can't have as many images in the store. And gradually over the next few weeks I will be removing old images from the blog store too. I will run the both alongside each other for the time being, until folks get used to the other shop being there, but in the end the blogger shop will have to go.

DON'T PANIC though!

I won't be deleting anything just yet - you have time to nip to the shop and get any old images you want.
The first ones to go will be the most unpopular ones.
Namely the 'Rudolf' images, 'Flopsy Bunny' and 'Kitty' ones.
Also the Leprechaun images and some other ones that didn't sell very well.
So if you were interested in any of those mentioned here, then please do pop over and get them soon.
I'll be deleting them at the end of this month.

Right, need to get off here and go do some more new preview images, and make new folders to upload to the new store. See ya soon peeps!

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