Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Hiya folks!

Happy 2013 to ya!!  Hope it's a good one for all.

Now, do any of you suffer, like me, with Psoriasis??

Well, enough is enough, and this year I want to get my butt into gear and get it sorted!!
So, I decided the other day to set up a blog to document it all.

Feel free to follow my exploits if you wish, or not, choice is yours folks.
But be warned - it is a 'no holes barred' kinda blog, warts and all,
so if you are at all squeamish then don't go there!!



Sally H said...

Tell the doc you are not leaving until he does something about it! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that they can get you sorted, hun. Gentle hugs, Sal x

Vicky said...

happy New year sweetie may the new year ahead bring you peace, happiness, love and good health. hope you get your skin sorted hun.

lotsa hugs Vicky xxx