Saturday, 1 December 2012

New Images

Hellooooo folks!

Hope you are all well? I've been rather quiet on here lately, mainly because I haven't the time to be making cards any more.

My new job, even though it's not more than 12 hours a week, is affecting my doodling time, and my crafting time too. I can't doodle when I'm working, and am too pooped at 9pm to start anything. So my doodlings are being done in the crafting time instead.

Such a bore. I soooo HATE washing up, and to do it for FOUR hours three or four nights a week is such a chore, along with clearing and wiping the tables too. And now they've got me doing the chips and cleaning that stuff out, AND answering the phone for orders too. Starting to take the piss I think. No wonder nobody stayed in the job for very long....

ANYWAYS, enough of my moaning. Doesn't make anything better does it?

If only I could sell loads of images, I could stay at home and doodle some more!!
 I did manage to sketch up a new wintery village image for you all, hope you like it. I know it's a bit on the English side, sorry you guys over the waters and down under!
This one is going into the shop on Wednesday next week.

'On a Winter's Day':

It was a little bit like that here in our village this morning, not as deep though. Just a spattering of hailstones. The sun is melting it away now though. Thank goodness we didn't get any flooding here last week. Hope you didn't get all that rain or floods where you are.

There are also a couple of new releases that I didn't get round to putting up here, so I will pop them in now. Firstly there was this lovely Angel/Fairy image,

'Angelique with Snowflake':

 And then there is this cute little Westie dog in a Christmassy frame

'Festive Westie':

 Then we have an Emo style girl with her Santa costume on, well, sort of, with a bit of attitude tagging along, lol.

'An Emo Christmas':

 And then there is this cute little kitty in a swirly frame.

'Christmas Kitty':

Righty-ho then folks. Off to catch up on the housework now then. As if I didn't wash up enough last night, I gets home to a pile of it next to the sink too. Nice. Thanks for that my dear family.

Take care peeps!

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