Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Gardening at a Snails Pace

Hiya folks!

Wish I could say things are coming on a pace out there in the garden, but with all the weird weather we have had lately up here - snow, sleet, wind, cold, grey, damp a spot of sun then back to grey again - things just haven't been growing the way I'd like them to.

Back in the middle of April I planted some Runner Bean, French Bean, Pea and Egyptian Bean seeds. One pot of each I kept inside the house, the others I put in the cold frame hoping that I could get two stages of harvesting later in the year. The inside ones all came up lovely and are merrily growing away. The others, well, need some encouragement! Not a sign from the runners, peas are showing now, the Egyptian beans started after I put them in the heated propagator and the French Beans are beginning to sprout. But they have all been very slow to get going.

The mini-greenhouse is almost full. You can just see those French Beans at the front on the bottom there. Marigolds, Calendula, Love in a Mist, Chinese Leaf, Tomato amongst others all trying their bestest for me. Below is one of my coldframes with some Cabbage, Kale, Sweet Pea and a Trachleospermum Jasminoides flower I need to find a space for somewhere.

I have however started to plant things out, mainly because they are getting pot bound (cabbages) and are turning yellow in their pots. But also because I am just so impatient!! I put a Sprout, Kale, Cabbage, Chinese Leaf in here below, with a couple of Marigolds for company hoping the smell of the flowers will confuse any bugs. Already popped a stake in to tie them to later (had to prop up the cabbage with one too as it was getting rather leggy)

And again here. You can just make out a tub of garlic (top left) behind the tub of Beetroot seeds which have yet to show. Bottom right is a tub of Salad Onion which are sprouting and starting to unfurl. The other tub right at the top has some Radish in, which seems to be doing fine despite the naff weather.

Below is a line of Cabbage I planted at the back end of last season, which all came through the winter unscathed, along with last seasons Leeks that I am harvesting gradually. The Blackberry has taken well to its move the other month and is almost flowering against that trellis. Got to take the Kale out from behind there, as it is now gone to seed and flowering.

On a different theme, the Maples are all putting on a good show of leaf after I shifted them a few months ago. The Primula look a bit yellow though, not sure why. Maybe I'll just have to start feeding it all, as the compost minerals won't last forever. 

I'll leave you with a quick look at the blossom on one of my new Single Stem Apple Trees which is about to blossom (late or what??) And you can just see the Strawberries blossoming away, although they started way back when we had that heatwave! Poor plants are so confused (know the feeling)


Croms' Cubby Hole said...

WOW you have been busy. Looking fabulous xx

Vicky said...

Gosh you are certainly busy hun, weather is blooming poop tho isnt it. I'm not very green fingered I do gardening but hubster tells me what to do & how to do it, hes better at it than me. I'm good at designing the garden, giving out orders & oh yes the extremly hard job of.......supervising hee he...

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx