Sunday, 22 April 2012

Been a Bit Side-Tracked

Hiya folks!

Hope you have all been having a wonderful weekend?

Ours has been a bit eventful. We decided as a family that we wanted to re-home a dog and this Saturday morning we bit the bullet and went across to Aberdeen to have a look at some from Mrs Murphy's Shelter.

Must admit, I was a bit emotional for a second, as I wanted to take them all with me. So sad to see them all there unwanted and unloved. BUT we all fell in love with a five year old lady dog named Cassie. She is a Tri-coloured Collie with a fabulous temperament. I can't understand why she was in there. Anyway, a quick photo from yesterday on the mobile phone camera:

 She was such a good dog in the car, no barking or whining. In fact, we haven't heard her make any noise yet, apart from a couple of sighs last night whilst having a snooze.

 She has been for a few walks already, just round the block and down to the river and back. But today we took her up the hill to the winding walks through the pine forest. Not sure if she enjoyed it or not. The tail wagged a bit. Still need to do some settling in I think, then we'll see her pick up a bit.

 Poor baby is terribly shy and very submissive. Keeps wanting hugs and constant reassurances. Lord knows what went on with her and the previous owners. She has had training, as she knows the sit, stay commands, and she stays off the furniture too. Not too sure about other dogs though, which is understandable I suppose.

Bit camera shy too. Doesn't like to pose! Hopefully that will come in time.

So, please forgive me if I have been a tad absent over this weekend. This week's image may be a bit late too! Sorry about that, but I haven't had much chance to get on with it. Gotta try keeping Dno2 away from her a little bit, as she is very possessive of Cassie and wants to mollycoddle her all the time.


Right, off now then, TTFN folks!
Teri xx


Sue said...

Hi ya hun
aww good for you, lovely to know she has found a loving home, i got my sheba from the rspca.
Cassie is gorgeous im sure she will give you lots of love & fun, sue,x

Happy Days said...

Awww she's gorgeous. Hope she settles in soon.

Claire xxx

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

She is beautiful! I am so happy for all of you. Give her a big hug from me :)


Sally H said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous. I am sure it won't be too long before she relaxes and enjoys herself a bit more. A long time ago we had a rescue dog. He was a collie labrador cross, and so intelligent. he never did lose his habit of raiding bins or his love of curry, but he was the most loving loyal and clever dog you could imagine. Good luck with Cassie x

Clare said...

Awww Teri, Cassie is beautiful hun. Well done for adopting her. Poor little darlin, who know's what she has been through in her life but thank heaven's she has gone to a lovely home. Just give her planty of love and reassurance and she will come good. Big hugs Clare xxx

Rebekah said...

Aww she is adorable Teri I bet she settles in just perfectly hugs Rebekah xx

ElizabethR said...

She is gorgeous. My Oscar took ages to settle in, now he rules this gaff lol xxx

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and you have done such a good thing giving a lovely doggie a good and loving home! I have kitties but I love all animals just can't handle the walking thing anymore with my fibro. She will settle in in no time I bet with all the love she is going to receive! (smile)