Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Updates in the Garden

Hiya folks!

Hope you have all been enjoying the fabulous sunshine!!??
We've had it great here in NE Scotland for the past few days, but we have cloud rolling in, the wind has got up and it's a bit cooler today. A great day for doing a bit more digging.

Hubby and I put up his new shed over the last weekend, man, it's BIG. Not as big as the one that was here when we moved in, but at 8ft x 8ft(ish) it's still a biggie!! Right slap-bang in the middle:

For more updates on the seeds I am growing and what I am up to behind the shed (LOL), take a look at my Scottish Edible Garden Blog HERE

Hope I can figure out where to put everything when the time comes!!

TTFN folks!

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ike said...

Great to see it's up at last :-) xxxx