Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Path Laying

Hey there folks, how you all keeping?

The weekend saw hubby and I busy breaking up more slabs for his shed base. At last we have the hardcore put in and sort of up to the level that he needs it to be. I still have quite a lot of slabs left over though! Hopefully this coming weekend will see the concrete done too.

After doing all that I left hubby to get on with other stuff, while I got on with the soak-away behind the house. The gravel I used was left over from some building work we had done a few months ago. Nice of them to forget that huh?? LOL. I have plonked some bigger stones on top of that to make it look a bit more interesting. The gap in the middle will be filled with some more slate, and the seat will go back on top of it when I am done.

Yesterday saw a lovely day here in N.E. Scotland. So I made the most of it. Nipped up the garden centre for a few more seed packets, and when I got back I set to work laying some more path. I got rather cross though, as when moving three of the large slabs the darned things broke! So I haven't got as far as I had hoped. I would have been much closer to the shed if they had not broke :(

So I went up the garden a bit and laid some stepping stones through my freshly renovated patch. I have used some of the smaller slabs that I had previously used to top off the retaining wall in the sunken garden where the washing line stood. That is a Dwarf Pear Tree in the back there which I under-planted with some of my Strawberry plants, and a few red onions in between.

I spread a couple of bags of farmyard mix compost over the top for the worms to get their teeth into (so to speak!), and I planted the rest of the Strawberry plants along the path, with shallots and Garlic between those. That is a Variegated Sage in the foreground, which has survived the winter very well. Good job it was a mild one this year!

I will leave you with a wee shot of one of the Strawberry plants which has decided to flower already!! Not bad seeing as it is only the first week in March. Hope we don't get any harsh frosts, although saying that, the forecast isn't great for the middle of this week. TTFN peeps!


ike said...

Wonderful - I love the look of your garden :-) No wonder you have the Flu now though - too much fresh air !!!!

Andrea C said...

Good progress. You will be there in no time at all x