Friday, 23 March 2012

Oh, my aching joints!

OMG, is it really that long since I posted on my gardening blog??!!

Heck, where does the time go to? I'm sure someone is stealing it! LOL. Been a busy bee outside over the last week or so, as the weather has been so nice up here (for a change!) Albeit a bit blustery on occasions, but you get used to that eventually (so they tell me). I still hate it though. Blows the dust right into me eyes, bah!!

So, what have I been up to then folks? Well, I have been tackling this part of the garden:

If you want to see what I have been up to, then take a shoofty at my garden blog: A Scottish Edible Garden.

Hope I can inspire some of you to start growing some veg. . .

Teri xx


Lisa T said...

Looks great! Gardening is hard work. don't overdo it.

ike said...

It looks so wonderful Teri - it's going to be a gorgeous garden. I am outside for a spot of gardening myself this weekend, so will be creeping round on Monday LoL xxx

Vicky said...

My goodness sweetie you have been working hard.........mmm do I dare tell you you need to do mine next lol. We are hoping to make a start of the front next week, got get a huge skip as I want a load digging out. Hubster doing that while I restain all the decking & sheds lol.....I get the easy work lol.
Hope you are all doing ok sweetie, take care & dont over do it. Scotland is not that far from me really you know.......also I can drive that fast I travel back in time lol..........

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx