Thursday, 1 March 2012

More Potterings

Warning, photo heavy post!!

Hi all, hope you are all keeping well in this 'up and down' weather? My little clan are all having their ups and downs. I have hubby and the two girls off today with flu. Teach them to go watch the Rugby! Poor son would have gone to see it too, but he was ill at the time so couldn't. Hubby offered the spare ticket to a daughter of a family friend, and she turns out to be poorly too! Must have caught it there me thinks!

While they were all in Edinburgh I did some pottering about. Decided it was time to put out the cold-frame I bought last year, and to erect my new mini-greenhouse that I got a few weeks back. Thought I would see how warm it got, so I put our thermometer thingy in there. This is what it read to start with:

And this is how it read after an hour and a half - WOW!!

I also broke a few of the horrible broken patio slabs up ready for hubby to do his foundations to the new shed, and this is the pile. I think some more will have to be broken, as this doesn't look like it will go across all the gap there:

Monday saw the delivery of a load of ballast for hubby's shed footings. It was deposited in the side alley, but unfortunately that blocked it up, so muggins here had to shift it all through to the back.

So that is what I did, but on Tuesday as it was too late in the day on Monday when they delivered it.

After that I had a wee break but went back out and started digging out behind the house where it tends to get damp. It needs a kind of soak-away there, but many years ago these houses all had a cow shed (which was where the extension is now) and they left behind a large pan of concrete where the animal had it's yard. So I can't do a lot there. I have loads of purple slate in that area, but right up to the house there was dirt and pebbles under the seat I put there. So I shifted the seat, and all the pebbles and am in the process of doing that still.

Wednesday: Not much happened. Had hubby home with beginnings of Flu, so while I had the car I went into town and did the food shop instead of having it delivered. Got back, and had a look at those microleaves. Must admit I am not very impressed. I don't know if it's something to do with a lack of suitable light in my kitchen, but some of them grew very leggy, whilst others seem to be very slow. Here are two of them, the Purple Basil and the Celery leaf:

Initially I didn't think the celery was going to make it, but sprout it did. They are very small, as are the basil sprouts, no sign of any true leaves yet. This next piccie is of the Mustard and Broccoli. No sign of true leaves here either. I had a wee taste of the Broccoli, bleeeuuugh!!! That was well yucky!! And seeing as in the bottom right corner you can see it going a bit mouldy I decided not to keep them.

And here are the Radish. Very leggy, no true leaves either. I had a taste of these sprouts too. OMG!! They were very spicy and hot!!! Not to my taste at all. Strange that, as I do like a bit of Radish in my salad sometimes. Needless to say I am not keeping these either!

I decided to try putting the three I have left into the mini-greenhouse and see if the extra light out there will help them not be so leggy, and also spur on some true leaf development. I have also put my seeds out there that I planted last week. They are already showing signs of life. These are the Marigold, Tarragon and Sweet Pea seeds:

Just a few little bits coming up, Tarragon seems to be doing well there in the bottom left of the pic.

This next lot are the Sprouts, Leeks (x2) and Cabbage. The Sprouts and Cabbage are racing away there, not much sign of the leeks yet.

And I still have that problem of mould growing around the base of my seedlings! I was hoping that by using the special seed compost this problem would not be so bad, but I must be doing something wrong somewhere, any ideas??

Are you still with me after all these photos?? LOL. Don't worry, I'm off now, but I will leave you with a quick snap of my little helper, Hazel. Here she is helping to move some earth around. TTFN folks!


ike said...

WoW awesome amount of work !!! Your garden looks cool - do you back onto a churchyard by any chance ??? (Could explain the Gothic drawings :-D ) The seedlings look interesting - I would've deffo ate the radish - I like hot things in my salad. :-) I reckon the mould is 'cos they are getting too wet. How do you water them ??? When I have seedlings I use a squirty misty thing so they just get kinda damp ! Don't know - I'm no expert. The garden is going to look awesome xxxx

Poppet said...

Great to see that things are growing even in the little bit of sunshine we've been having. I am trying to persuade OH to help me plant some bags of things for this year. Maybe Hazel will have a green thumb like you, you'll have to get her planting as well. :-) xx