Friday, 10 February 2012

Itching to get out. . .

Hi all.

I'm bored! Haven't been able to go out in the garden for a couple of days, blooming rain!!! Well, at least it isn't snow, you guys down south can keep it for once!! I did however go out a couple of days ago, but boy! the ground was frozen! After digging loads of compost and organic stuff a few days ago I wanted to tackle the next bit and do some leveling out of the old borders that were behind the wall:

Today however I have had to do inside stuff. The usual housework (ugh!) washing (yawn). A bit of doodling. And I decided it was about time I planted?? up my new microleaf kits. Supposed to take a few days to germinate and I need to wait for them to sprout their first 'true' leaves before I can harvest them.

More deets on my Gardening Blog 'A Scottish Edible Garden'.

TTFN folks!

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Sally H said...

Your garden is coming on a treat, Teri! The one plus about frozen solid ground is the cats can't dig it either! I hope it has thawed out a bit now. love your raven goddess and celtic knot x