Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gettin' Down and Dirty!

Hey folks!

Hope you are all keeping safe and warm in this cold snap? No snow for us here in NE Scotland (thankfully) but it has been freeeeezing!! Yesterday (Monday) was a gorgeous day, quite tropically warm (for us) so I ventured out and done me some digging over. All those bags of organic compost and manure are now a spit deep. Here's the patch I have done so far:

I had forgotten how painful it is to do this kind of digging. Haven't done it for such a long time and boy did it hurt??!! I even broke a sweat, just shows how warm it was, mind you, I did have my coat on. Need to purchase some more muck to do the rest now. And I think I may run out of topsoil to fill that gaping hole in. The patch might look small in the photo above, but it isn't when you come to dig it! Here's a side shot with it covered in my 'anti cat poop' device, bean sticks!

There I was going to take on an allotment too. Think I'll leave that for a while. But then, we don't have any just yet. I was the Secretary of our local Allotment Society for the last two years, waiting for plots to come up. Waiting for someone to actually get on and do something other than just me. . .That didn't happen, so I have stepped down now.

What a complete farce that is too! After an initial meeting two years ago, a small group of locals found ourselves made into a 'steering group', with myself being volunteered into the Secretary job. Funny isn't it, how everyone wants something, but no-one puts up their hand to help it happen?! That stayed all the way through until now. What with the lack of interest in anyone chasing up leads and things, our last AGM having only six people turn up, the committee ending up being made up of those six people (lord knows how that works with a constitution in place) I just got pee'd off with it all and jacked it in.

That's when I decided to rip my garden to shreds and start again, making it into my own 'sort of' allotment. There is a site now though, only proposed, and not legally theirs yet. It's an open field, very stoney half way up a hill with a pine forest next door. Have fun with that folks, hope the fence is rabbit and deer proof!!

No bunny problems for me, just cats!

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Sue said...

Hi hun
looking good, same as ever hun peeps dont want the agro of doing anything just turning up! we have the same sort of thing at camera club!!!
Enjoy ya own allotment, sue,x