Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Bit of Progress

Hiya folks!

There was great excitement on Friday as the hubby's new shed was delivered, flat packed of course. It was a bit earlier than expected, by about two weeks! 28 days they said, but it turned up after 13, so that ain't bad service. Blokes were in such a rush though. I had left the side gate open ready - in case they came when I was on the school run - but they arrived while I was here, no knock at the door, just started dumping it round the back without so much as a 'by your leave'! Doesn't look like much when it's like this:

I'm just looking forward to getting a shed to put my garden stuff in, and for potting up plants/seeds.
At the moment all the pots and wee bits are shoved in the middle part of the old shed, along with the bikes and other assorted stuff, so I have to rummage about for most of it. Tools are dotted about all over the place too. Can't do anything about it right now, as concrete will have to be stored in the bit I want to use until hubby gets to do the footings. Hopefully sooner rather than later!


Don't think I can do much today outside. Looking a bit like rain, plus I have a load of other things to do, including DT stuff, designing an 'exclusive' image for Crafts and Me, and typing up my Father's book on "Cricket History in the Vale of Berkeley" (yawn!) Oh joy!!

Catch you later folks!


Andrea C said...

It is really handy having a shed but we get field mice and they eat anything material so no tents etc hehe xx

ike said...

Cooool - I LUV sheds :-) Haven't got one here 'cos I'd bake inside it :-D xxx