Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Venturing Out

Howdeedoodly folks?!

I actually braved the Scottish weather today and ventured into the garden to do a bit of tidying up at last. It was a tad milder than of late, bit windy too, but it's gotta be done! I'll suffer for it later though. Been feeling a bit rough round the edges, probably coming down with one of the kids' lurgies I expect!!

Started off by trimming the hedge as far up as I could reach with the snippers. 

So, all those twiggy bits are now in the recycling bin for collection tomorrow. Must try composting again.

Anyways, I set about marking out where the hubby will be having his observatory thingy.

Is that the place you want it hubster? If not, you can move them yourself, they were a bit heavy! You can't tell with this photo, but it looks HUGE! Just about two and a half by two and a half metres. All needs leveling off, but that's for another day when it's a bit warmer and less windy!

Next on the cards was a wee tidy up. Disposed of the remains of an old wooden tub that was rotten, and emptied out some other ones of their old compost. Here they are lined up ready for a clean, along with a few newer ones I bought the other week.

Whilst emptying one tub I found a load of carrots (Flyaway) that had survived the winter!! I completely forgot about planting those, and they seem to have done OK. A couple of them had the maggot and went in the bin, but all these are destined for the Haggis, Neaps and Tatties tonight!! YUM.

Happy Burns Night folks!!

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