Monday, 30 January 2012

Tis Me Again!

Twice in one day, whatever next?!

Been overdoing things in the garden again today. After all that hacking about and starting on the rockery the other day I gave it another go. I totally got shot of the rockery and have started dismantling the wall that held it all up too! Boy do I have a backache. . .! Here's a shot from one side:

And the other side. Where the spade is the rockery used to be. You can still see the shadow of it on the wall behind. Had to dig and hack out all of that down to below where the wall is, as I put loads of rubble in there for drainage. Wish I hadn't bothered with it now, but hey, that's the thing with gardening. Some things work and some don't!
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Sue said...

Hi hun
lookin good i hope you had a hot soak in the tub!! sue,x

ike said...

Love that bit of wall - the garden is looking great so far. I love English gardens and can't wait to see more as it goes along :-) xxx