Sunday, 15 January 2012


Hiya folks!

After yesterday's post the hubby decided to get the loppers out on the old apple tree.
Take a look at my new garden blog for all the deets and thoughts.

Here's a quick snap of hubster in action:

Oooh, those muscles! LOL

Keep at it hun!! xxxx

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mckinkle said...

Hello Teri,

Good luck with your garden plans, it sounds very exciting! Lots of work too!

Just had to say that if you hadnt mentioned your hubs sleep apnoea prob Id never had sorted my hubbys either so must say thanks for making me pull my socks up. He's now got the 'Nelly the Elephant' kit for his sleeps and as its only 3 sleeps in, the difference already is great! I do hope your hubby is feeling a lot better too.

Keryn x