Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Need a little Help. . .

Shifting some of my crafty bits!! LOL

Seriously folks, my bedroom is a mess, and I need to sort it or the hubby will chuck it in the bin!!

First thing I came across this afternoon was a box of Valentine/Love stuff, so I have split it into three lots. If you are interested in any of them please shout me - first come, first served. (email- daftncraft at btinternet dot com)

I am going to have to add £1 to each item to cover postage and packaging, hope you don't mind folks.

First up then, this collection of hearts, plus a few rubber stamps. There are ten each of the heart shapes, which are padded, and ten of the bows. The 2pence piece is for scale.
Price= £5.

 Next up, two packs of 3d stickers, mostly birthday, but with some hearts.
Price= £1

 Then, a collection of red items, A5 cardstock, vellum, 2 sheets of 6x6" paper, small square cards and envelopes, a pack of stickers, a pack of Create & Craft embossed cards and envelopes, a skein of thread, and five each of some padded heart shapes. 2 pence for scale again.
Price= £5

Hope somebody will baggsie these! I have a ton of other stuff to sift through, and will be putting them up here as soon as I have sorted and photographed, so keep your eyes peeled!!

Cheers peeps!
Teri xx

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