Saturday, 14 January 2012

My Edible Garden Plans

Hiya folks!

Just a quickie. I have started up a new blog to document my plans, successes, failures, for my garden here in north east Scotland. 

Hubby wants to build a thingy for his telescope to sit on, and I have plans to have mostly edible stuff in the garden, so a huge ripping out session will have to take place, followed by a redesign, etc, etc.

So, if anybody is interested in following my efforts then why not pay me an ickle visit HERE !! LOL

Here is a quick photie of it as it stands this morning:

Dull and boring huh? Oh, do I have plans. . .!!

Have a great weekend my luvvlies!!
Teri xx

1 comment:

ike said...

Cool - it will be very interesting to see the progression :-) Looking forward to it xxxxxxxxxxx