Monday, 16 January 2012

Hubby the Firestarter

Hiya folks!

Another quickie today. Thought I'd pop by and show a photie of hubby hard at work again.

This was him yesterday burning the old apple tree. Trouble is, he now has two job offers on the table, one of which is for him to start on Wednesday, plus an interview in the morning too. I'll have to get rid of the rest myself!! Hmmm. . .

Went shopping for seeds and stuff today, all these deets and musings are on my new blog,

Hope you can join me there


Sue said...

Hi ya hun
well its good that he has two job offers, ya have to make him work in the garden at the weekend! lol, sue,x

Vicky said...

Oh darn it & I was just about to ask ya to send to mine hun....damn damn damn!!
Seriously I will keep everything crossed hunni, good luck to him.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx