Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Selling Some Stuff

Hiya folks.

In case anyone is interested and actually has any spare dosh at the mo (unlike me!) I'd just like to share with you that I have just added a page above, with some Bows and Bits that I am trying to sell.

I have no further need for any of the things I shall be putting in the page. I bought them ages ago when I was selling cards that I made on ebay, but I haven't done that for over a year now, and thought it was about time I tried to find some extra space!! LOL

At the mo it's just the bows and a few embellies from just one box that has been sorted and photographed, but I will be adding to it as I sort through the other boxes.

Hope some of it is of interest to someone, otherwise it will end up in the bin, and that would be such a waste!!! LOL

Thanks folks!
Teri xx

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