Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hiya folks!

Have you been missing me? No? Phooey to you then! LOL

I've been MIA just lately.
As some of you know, we have been having our house knocked about, first of all with our gable end wall, which is all sorted and straight now. Phew! At least it will see us through many a winter from now on. It was debateable whether that wall would have seen through many more storms or snowfalls, but at least that is now sorted.

After that, it took the effing builders weeks, I say WEEEEEEEEKSS to get their arses round to doing the roof. We needed our old, and I mean VERY old tiles replaced, but it was undecided whether to have the whole front of the roof done, timbers and all, until the tiles came off. And at LAST they turned up this week to do just that.

Well, at first we thought the timbers looked fine, but on closer inspection the guy said no - they were CRAP and needed to be replaced too. THEN, while some of those timbers came off, it came to light that the whole underside of the roof was FECKED TOO. I mean totally gobsmackingly knackered - take a look -

LORD knows how this roof stayed up for over a hundred years, they did such a cobbled up job when they roofed ON TOP of the old thatch that was there originally - you can still see it here:

In effect, we have TWO roofs!! The original roof with old tree trunks for roof rafters, and then boards tacked to that with the old heather thatching. Then approx 100 years or so ago they re-roofed the thing on top of the original roof, by putting slats over the thatch, and then timber boards, and then some effing HUGE, thick tiles. Those tiles by the way totally fell apart as they were being removed, so they were DEFO in need of replacement.

Anyway, the short and the curlies of it is that the whole thing is now going to cost us ten grand!! HELP!!

On a happier(?) note we have had to do some redecorating because of the disruption and mess. First up was the kitchen, which was finished up just before I went on the crafty weekend last month. When I got back it was down to it again in the girls' bedroom, which I built a kind of wardrobe in - as yet to be finished properly, along with some fabric for a window dressing. I won't get to do that until the new windows go in upstairs following the roof rebuild. I'll take some photies when it's done.

Meantime, we got peed off waiting for Mr Builder to come and sort the inside out, so started to do it ourselves, and here is our work in progress (excuse the grafitii - hubby and kids!!))

This is the dining room, or it was. I had the compy in there, along with all my crafty stash which is now all boxed up and unavailable. This is why there isn't much coming out of my crafty corner just now.

All this extra work means I also haven't been doodling much recently. Blame the hubby being off work for that - slavedriver! LOL. Poor old fogey is suffering with his elbow (RSI me thinks) and his knee swollen up (rugby training), plus his never ending tiredness with sleep aopnia (spelling?).

Ah well, at least he knows how to use the washing machine and cooker while I'm sawing and drilling and hammering and painting and papering (sigh)

Jeez - this was only meant to be a quick update post - oooopps!! LOL
Catch ya later peeps - I do have a card to show you on Friday - see you then!
Teri x


Vicky said...

Bloody heck you have soooooo fecking much going on hun your heed must be bout ready explode, mine would be I can tell ya & there is nowt worse than slow builders.....not what you want this time of year especially!!! Shove a pitch fork up their asses that will get them on your roof lol.
Hope you are ok sweetie. If I lived closer I would gladly give you a hand hun.....I can put my hands to most things hun & I certainly divnt mind gettin dirty lol!!!
Take care hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Teri,
What a time you have been having. I'd be round the bend long ago. It certainly has been a long drawn out affair.
By the way my card tomorrow for CCT uses your "Poppies". Hope you like it.
Fiona x

ElizabethR said...

Teri my thoughts are so with you on this one, a couple of years back, my chubby decided two weeks before Christmas we would start knocking our kitchen apart, Okay dokay can deal with that much, but!!!!,when his reli's invited themselves to stay, and complained that brekkie wasn't ready for them, (hello cooker in middle of kitchen. Bread in bin folks very nice B&B down road??????? Good luck hun xxx

Happy Days said...

Blimey Teri what a nightmare! I bet you'll be glad to see the back of year hun! Good luck with getting the £10K - it'll turn up I'm sure.

I'm due to have the builders next year to do my long awaited loft conversion - seriously dreading it and you've not made me feel any better about the whole thing!! :D

Fingers crossed for you that things will be on the up soon.

Claire x

Paper Pad Challenge said...

OMG Teri this is a Fecking nightmare!!! I hope that it gets done soon and the money becomes available. It must be horrible living like this hun xxx

Hugs to you and don't work too hard xxx

Sally H said...

My heart goes out to you, hun! Can't believe that roof! Sounds like the sort of botch job we were faced with here when we moved in. Good luck with it all and I hope the lottery fairy is good to you. Maybe the builders might find some ancient Celtic sword hidden in the thatch... or you could sell tickets to the whole village to watch them at work!!!

Dragonlady said...

Well it's all going on up your way then. Good job it's being sorted too otherwise would be seeing on a programme with Sarah Beeney!!!!! Fingers crossed it all works out OK.

Hugs Ali x

Sue said...

Hi hun
awww you have got your hands full, i do hope it gets finished soon hun, sue,x