Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Little Update

Hiya folks!!

Thought I'd swing by and give any interested parties a quick update on things here at Doodle Cottage.

Things are ticking over with the building works. The gaping hole in the side of the house is gradually being filled with block rather than stone - makes for a more sturdy wall, not so prone to wander me thinks!! LOL Tell you what though - it's blooming drafty!! Especially the last day or two with all the wind we have had here. A quick piccie for you:

Not supposed to be a very good weekend here according to the weather man, so I hope they get up to roof level by then. Would be nice to get watertight and draftproof again!!

On a completely seperate theme - hubby took a photo of ickl ol' me last night when I got the son's snake out of his tank. Man, he has grown!! Gotta be a good 18 inches/two foot long now. And to think, back in April when we first got him, he was such a wee thing.

Who would have thought this time last year that I would be quite at home with a snake! Mind you, I still hate spiders - you would NEVER catch me with one of them in my hand!!!

Catch ya later folks - off to put the washing on!
Teri xx


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Teri,
I hope you get that hole blocked up soon. It must have been a nightmare with all the wind we have been having. You might need an extension if that snake keeps growing at that rate lol.
Fiona x

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie that snake is just lush, what an awesome thing he is....I miss my snake :0(
WOW what an awful draught you must be feeling hun especially now as the weather is turning.....I hope they get you water tight real soon hun....grab all those thermals oot lol.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

cg said...

What a cool snake! We have an iguana, so I understand how they can grow! Best wishes on the building.

ike said...

Ooooh he's coool. Hope you get your hole blocked up soon !!! I hear the weather is gonna turn nasty.
Ike xxxx

mckinkle said...

Well here's hoping then Teri that the rain stays away long enough for the wall to get to roof level!
Keryn x

Saskia said...

Hello Teri,

Just saying 'hello'!!! Hope you're doing fine! Wow, I saw some great work on the challenge blog!!

Sweet greetings, BIG hug,
Saskia :)

BrigitteG said...

eeeeerk !! snake !!! oh my goshhh !! shivers down my spine now lol !! but at least it is only small!! had a big and deadly one on my steps early this year :(...
Anyway.. hope weather at your end is better !