Wednesday, 31 August 2011

An Update

Hiya folks!!

Thought I would nip on and give you all an update on things here. I haven't got any new images today, things are hectic just now, albeit a week later than planned. The builders came yesterday morning and made a start on the gable end. Thank goodness we decided to do something about the lean, the guy said it probably wouldn't have lasted another winter!! Hasn't done too badly though, it is 212 years old!!

Anyway, they disposed of the chimney stack pretty quickly, and got to work on the wall along the roof line. They have a huge cherry picker, and the guy was standing in that and putting the stones in it to dispose of, but just after they got past where the roof joins the wall they backed up to go tip the stones out, and half the wall came down!! Thank F*** nobody was stood underneath it!!! Felt like a bloody earthquake!!

I can't believe how thick the wall is (was) there, with the chimney stack and all it must be at least two feet thick! Anyroadup, they are getting down to the foundation digging part already, here is a piccie that I took this morning:

Now you can see why things are all over the place. Downstairs is where the dining room is. You can see the remnants of the fireplace at the bottom there. Everything had to come out of that room just in case things went 'tits up' as we say here!! Although we couldn't move the table and we left my grandmas old sideboard there too, tucked against the far wall inside. But we had my craft table, and the compy in there, as well as all my crafty stuff, so our poor loft space is groaning under the wieght of it all. The loft by the way is to the left on the extension which is our bedroom.

Upstairs behind the green sheeting is the girls' bedroom. Had to find space for all that stuff too. Dno1 is squeezed into son's bedroom across the landing, along with her clothes cupboard. Dno2 is in with me along with her clothes cupboard and many boxes of 'other stuff'. Poor hubby is demoted to the sofa. Mind you, nothing new there, as he snores like a trooper, and got ousted by me anyway!! That way we both get some sleep, otherwise I'd be awake all night jabbing him in the ribs!

So, things are a bit chaotic just now. I am still doodling but things are a bit slow and cramped. Cardmaking is a challenge too, as my things are all over the place and I keep forgetting where I put it all. . . I have a humungous headache. Not sure if it is stress or because of the position I am sitting in on the compy, or the weather as that has been crappy too just lately, but I have a LARGE stash of paracetamol so I might just hit that in a bit.

Right - off to do some more on an image that I AM working on - hope to get it done later today, headache allowing!
Catch ya later folks!!
Teri xx


Sally H said...

OMG, hun! How disruptive for you! Hope they get it sorted for you very quickly! I know what it's like to have ceilings fall down, but an external wall doesn't bear thinking about!
Big hugs to you my friend xxx

ElizabethR said...

Crikey when you said you were having a wall down, you sure meant it kiddo!! Do not envy your clean up operation hun, good luck and so glad no one was hurt. Hugs Elizabeth x

mckinkle said...

Oh blimey girl, you sure do have a busy time ahead! What a super building youve got though and at 212 yrs old, wow, it must be fantastic! No wonder the walls were so thick.

Thanks for sharing the photo, will be good to see how it progresses!

Keryn x

ike said...

OMG - how can you stand it. I would be tearing out my hair !!
I wouldn't want to be involved in that. Good luck xx
Ike xxxx