Monday, 15 August 2011

Queen of the Damned

Hiya folks!

Hope you all had a great weekend? Ours was lovely and sunny for a change. Couldn't enjoy it though, too much to sort out inside for the builders next week (HELP!). And there is still loads to do!! Still, the kiddies are back to school tomorrow (YEAY!!) so plenty of peace and quiet to sift through the Son's crud-ooops, I mean stuff on the floor to find space for Dno1's bed to go in. Will have to dismantle Dno2's bed and have her in with me. Poor hubby gets the sofa. . .

Speaking of hubby - he's been a naughty boy! (no, not in THAT way! LOL). Seeing as we have some dosh in the account (supposedly to pay the builders with) he went and bought a rather large flat screen TV!
So yesterday afternoon/evening was spent playing with that. Must admit though, it's a fab picture and the sound is much better than the old telly. Hmmm, might just let him off . . .

OK, onto the card today, which is my DT piece for Macabre Monday.

"Queen of the Damned"
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that uses royalty, crowns, and/or thrones as the focus.
This doesn't have to focus on the movie with the same name (though it may)... just as long as it has that royally creepy touch, it qualifies!

Oh dear, I thought. What have I got that has crowns or thrones? Nowt, the cupboard is bare in that department. So, out came the drawing pad, and some visual references to said movie (although I read the book many moons ago and haven't seen the movie yet).
Went and doodled me two images for this one. An Egyptian Queen, and an Egyptian Throne.
These are going into the Delicious Doodles Shop on Wednesday.

I merged these two images in photoshop and printed them together for colouring with the watercolour pencils. I always print on an A4 size first, as my pencilwork tends to be rather rough and goes over the lines. When it gets scanned back in and made smaller you don't notice my crappy colouring work so much!! LOL

Now, I couldn't find my paper that had Egyptian hieroglyphs on it (packed away I expect) so I hade to make my own up. Fortunately I found some photoshop brushes I could download, so that's what I did. I used them to make the dp behind the image, and went over the edges with a brown ink pad.

I didn't have any lovely large jewels or beads, so I had to make do with some large black oval shaped ones that I picked up in Tesco a while back. I think they do just fine, but I would have preferred a lovely blood red, or a vivid blue. . . whatever! I also added some brads to the corners, and sponged some gold ink on top of them.

The image was layered onto some gold mirri and then black card. I only did one layer to pop up this time, as it was getting late and I had a neck ache from cutting out with the scalpel on my drawing board (which has to be put away too!) Should have sat on the sofa with the snippy scissors to do it, but hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing!!

Right, gonna love ya and leave ya now then. Getting the kids organised for school today (yawn!)
TTFN folks!
Teri xx


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Teri,
Wow!! the colours on this card are fabulous. You have really brought that gorgeous image to life. Fantastic work.
Fiona x

Vicky said...

Hi my sweetie sorry I'm so late seeing this I missed it on the day of posting & then I thought I would pop on to see if you were ok & then saw this fantastic creation. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW its unbelievably brilliant & you are talking crap about your colouring, cus your colouring is fab hun. Love the backing paper are sooooooooo bloody talented!!
Hope you are ok sweetie & keeping ok big hugs up to scotland sweetie.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx