Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Hiya folks!

Some of you may be aware that I am having the gable end rebuilt on the house fairly soon, and as a result I will have to have a HUGE clearout of the rooms adjacent to that.

One of those rooms just happens to be where I do my creative stuff, what the heck I will do with it all I don't know. . .

So I decided to start having me a sort through before the crunch comes, and that means shifting some stuff!!

First box I came across is my little box of RUBBAH - these are all Sweet Pea Stamps, namely Ching Chou-Kuik images.

As there are quite a few images, I am putting them all on a page at the top of this blog, so if anyone is interested that is where they are.

They are already backed with easy-foam ready to stick to your acrylic blocks. Yes they are used, but not much. Maybe two or three times at the most, and certainly not all of them, so they are all in very good condition.

I shall be adding to the page as and when I have stuff to shift, and believe me there is a fair bit, not all stamps I hasten to add, as I don't have a lot of rubbah being a digi person!! So if nothing appeals to you just yet, keep checking back, you never know!!

Teri xxx

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