Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Hi again folks!

Eeeek, I have only got a couple of weeks before the builder gets here to pull the wall down and rebuild it, so I have to get cracking and sort through all my crafty stuff and make some blooming space!!

So, I have had a wee rummage today. Man have I taken some photos!! I have loaded soe more stuff on the FOR SALE page, a few rubber stamps, a few bows/ribbons and bits.

I have also started a brand new page at the top of this blog, just for selling the dies that I am not needing any more, of which there are just a few! LOL

I think tomorrow I will sort the stamps into one page, and have the other page for odds and ends, so that will be three pages of stuff to get rid of!!

Just hope some of you are interested. . .

Teri xx

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