Thursday, 2 September 2010

Some Awards

Hiya folks!

Brrr, anyone else notice the autumnal feel to the weather this morning? A lovely sunny start, but with damp grass and a chill in the air. You could almost smell it.

Though it was about time I popped on and shared a couple of awards that were given to me by several blogging buddies over the last couple of weeks - you know who you are ladies, thank you so very much for thinking of little 'ole me - love ya!!

I know I am supposed to tell things about myself, boring! I mean, all I do is sit on my bum all day with my face in the compy, whether it be blogging, creating, or just paperwork I just seem to live just here. So there you have it really. Me, sitting on my rear, listening now and again to some moshing music, maybe scoffing some nosh, sipping a cuppa, or even a glass of the red later in the evening surrounded by the sproggs and the hubby.

And as for a favourite photo. . . I'll have to get back to you on that one. Too many to decide between!! LOL

Have a great day folks!


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Teri,
Well done on the awards. Much deserved.
Here's a frightening thing - one of the trees at the back of our house is starting to change colour!!! When we used to holiday up north in September there was a tree a mile or so outside Fochaber on the left heading towards Buckie that used to turn a beautiful golden orange colour before any of the others - wonder if it's still there?
Fiona x

Micki said...

lol..... girl I luv you!

Sally H said...

Well done hun! I reckon you probably have bursts of frenzied activity too. Mine happen when I realise I'm burning the dinner, I've lost track of time and I should've gone out half an hour ago, or I didn't realise quite how much coffee I'd drunk and need to go!!!