Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Loads of Doors!!!

Hiya folks!

'Tis a lovely day for washing today - got my second load in already, yeay! Be warned, this post is a bit long, so grab a cuppa and some biccies!!

No cards today, or yesterday for that matter, probably not even any tomorrow too. So sorry!! I have been otherwise occupied with some neglected DIY projects that simply MUST be done. So I thought I'd pop on and show you what I've been up to, if you are interested that is. . . LOL

Hubby and I decided we needed to sort out our sitting room doors, which are rather old, extremely heavy and a bit on the dangerous side too. They are made of hardwood, which is heavy to start with, and have some very ugly corrugated glass in the centre. Here is a piccy of one of the doors:

I took the beading off round the glass and removed it. Turned out to be two sheets of glass, one was smooth, the other corrugated. Almost dropped them as I wasn't expecting two sheets. MAN they were heavy!! Of course hubby had his arse on the compy by the time I started with the door, so muggins here was DIY literally, by myself!! He did pop by later to take the glass to the shed out of the way, kind of him huh?? LOL

Next I replaced the glass with some MDF we bought on Sunday, and put the beading back round. Gave the whole thing a bit of a sanding with the leccy sander (ooooooh - power tools!! Mwhahaha!!) Used a leccy jigsaw too. . . Last thing I did was stick some false panelling to the MDF. Makes it look like a real panelled door. Another piccy:

My doors are such stupid sizes - can't go get one 'off the shelf' as they just don't fit! Honestly, if you are over six foot in my house you need a hard hat!! One door down, one more to go.

Naturally, I started doing this door, when the son comes up complaining that Dad had promised months ago to make him a new door for his bedroom, as the last one kind of fell apart. So, guess who had to make a whole door from scratch?? Yep, yours truly! Hubby's excuse - 'I'm a mechanic not a woodworker - can't afford to get a man in to make it either'. Mind you, it helps that muggins here got an old fashioned 'O' Level in woodwork from school. Not that I'm great on that front any more. I don't do fancy joints and precision stuff. Bodge it and scarper, that's me!! So here is the space I had to make it for:

Yeah, great huh? A nice straight door frame to work with. . . Up in the eves of the house, at the top of the stairs. Not a right-angle in sight! So I got to work with the tape measure and the jigsaw, a regular hand saw (God my shoulder is killing me!) some screws, glue and panel pins. A whole day later and the door was ready for the hinges. I did that yesterday though, as I was too knackered to bother on Monday night.

So Tuesday was spent carving out recesses for the hinges, attaching door furniture (catch, handle etc) and trying to hang the bloody heavy thing by myself. So I was totally gobsmacked when it swung perfectly first time! What no faffing about?? Most unlike me!! All I have to do now is fill a few horrid gaps where the door is wider at the bottom than the top, and my MDF didn't fit to size. Told you it was an odd size. Here it is in place:

Now I just need to paint with primer and some lovely black gloss the boy chose, yummy!! Oh, and paint the sitting room door, make the other door the same as the first one, make a frame for the Dining room door and fit that (it's a sliding one - eeek). Guess what hubby said last night? 'You did such a great job with Lewis's door, how do you fancy doing one for the bathroom?' I will leave you guessing what my thoughts were. . . LOL


Elisa said...

Wow,multi-talented.I do a spot of DIY myself,but would not know where to start with making doors!!Well done to you.Elisa.x

Becky said...

Oh wow Teri... you are such an inspiration!! I really wish I was good at DIY but alas I always call someone in cause OH is hopeless he he!! xx

Kim said...

Oh my sweet friend! Such a busy time for you! I know that pain....I've never changed out doors, but the DIY happens to me all the time too! Hubby and I plan projects, then I do them and he is no where to be found!
good luck
Kim xXx

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW look at you go! GREAT job and I give you credit for doing it! I grew up doing this sort of DIY stuff but as I've gotten older I don't do it so much (would rather pay someone else to do it RIGHT). Although I think you should do some of your handy art work on one of them ... a "one of a kind" sort of thing!! When you are a rich & famous artist, it will be worth millions!! Hey, it's a thought! Happy Day my friend!

Sue said...

Hi teri
wow you clever chick, well done you, put me to shame hun, sue,x

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Teri,
Are you giving quotes? You are a marvel - no end to your talents.
Take care.
Fiona x

Lynda said...

Fab work Teri - I wouldn't have a clue where to start! Well done you!!

Love Lynda xxx

Sally H said...

Wow! You star! Better tell hubby he's sacked, or that he needs to train as a masseur to get rid of all the aches and pains! I am well impressed with you hun x