Friday, 30 April 2010

A Quick Note. . .

Hiya peeps.
This is a real quickie, no card.
I had a note from the ladies at Gorjuss last night about the card I made a few posts ago.
It appears that I didn't read the terms of use properly, because it says that their digital products are NOT allowed to be printed, and that they must remain in digital format only!!
That was a huge waste of money for me then - shame, 'cause I liked those images too.
So, if anyone else was considering buying their digital products after seeing my post - DON'T!!
You can't blooming well use them if you wanted to! Not much point in selling digital items to crafters if they can't make anything with them is there?? The only way you can use these items is by making digital art and scrap pages - but only if you are going to keep them on the compy and not print them out!!
So, you have been told!
Teri xx


Sue said...

Thanks for that info Terri, whats the point in buying them???? Thats stupid eh, sorry you wasted your money hun, thanks muchly for the warning, have great weekend, sue,x

craftykitten said...

Hi Teri,
Wow, thanks for this warning hun. As you say, pretty pointless selling digital images if you can't print them off in any shape or form!! Won't be buying digital from them that's for sure. Sorry about your wasted money though!
Dawn xx

Pascale said...

They are having a laugh I just brought some of there papers and image after seeing your card. Looks like I wasted my money too and I agree totally with you hun what is the point of selling stuff if it cannot be used xxx

Jennifer said...

OMG! This is outrageous! I don't use digi stuff much but I bet they've made a lot of money on what seems a very dubious product.
Jen x