Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Mega New Year Candy Winner - again!

Hi folks,
Marianne has been in touch with me about her winning the candy, and has said (bless her) that sha has had such a lucky run lately with candies, and that I was to pick another winner!! How generous is that folks??
So I will draw it later when my little 'Magic Hands' are home from school, and let you know who the second lucky winner is!!
Thanks Marianne, you are one lovely lady!!
Hugs to all,
Teri xx


Larisa said...

OK Teri, we are in a waiting for next winner. I keep my fingers crossed because I have a dream.....

Anonymous said...

This is incredibly fond of her.

Elaine Maffessoni Machado said...

Wow!! She´s really generous!!! Thank you, Marianne, for being so lovely! And Thank you, Teri!

Sheng said...

It's so generous of her. Whoo hoo, another chance at winning.


JAN said...

wow how lovely of Marianne i am super excited again now to see who is chosen..

Tany Sol said...

Thank you again Teri!!!!!!

sandra said...

Thank you Marianne and thank you Teri!