Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bursts of Colour - Tuesday Taggers

Hi all,

Yet another wet and weary day here. Doesn't exactly fill you with inspiration. It's just as well that there is a cheerful theme at Tuesday Taggers this week!

WOW - you guys ROCKED last week. I think it must have been a record lot of entries for us over there! You ladies are very busy with all those Halloween projects.

This week our sponsor is The Craft Barn, and they have just reworked their website to make it even easier for us to find our way around, and they have a new button for us:

So, our theme this time at Tuesday Taggers is inspired by the coming of 5th November, where over here in the UK we mark the anniversary of Guy Fawkes attempt to overthrow the Government by trying to blow it up (nothing changes here then!). So every year we get out the fireworks and have huge bonfires (they burned Guy Fawkes as punishment - eeeuuuww!).

Fireworks are so gorgeous with all the lovely colours, so we want to celebrate 'Bursts of Colour' as our theme.

Somewhere along the line I lost a bit of my mojo for this theme, as I wanted to do something about Guy Fawkes night. I found a piccie on the internet with some lovely firework explosions, so I have used that as the front of my card. I printed it onto glossy paper for extra colour.

I wanted to do a Pop-up card for the inside, so trawled through the internet again for AGES until I found a site that shows you loads of Pop-up ideas. I based mine on a flower design they had, but changed the flower shapes into flame shapes, to simulate the flames of a bonfire.

I used coloured thin card for the different shapes, and inked round the edges for extra effect, not that you can see it too well. It's been so dark here lately I can't get decent pics!

Lastly I printed a sentiment from an old rhyme we learned as kids 'Remember, Remember the 5th of November'. I think that was handed down over the centuries to remind us all not to go blowing up things. Shame we don't all learn the same thing.

So, now we want you to show us your most colourful creations! Head over to Tuesday Taggers for some more wonderful inspiration, and have a go!! Let's see if we can equal last week's entries!


Micki said...

LOL, isn't if funny the rhymes we remember from our childhood?!
I was thinking how simple-elegant your cards was - I love it - but it's what I've seen from you before.... and then I scroll down and tah-dah.... your trademark 'wow' factor on the inside. Love it!!!!

cpeep said...

Clever twist on that card. I love the colors.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

PatR said...

This is lovely Teri and a nice surprise inside. Very clever.
Love Pat xx

Kim said...

OMG, this is fabulous! That burst of color is amazing and the pop up inside is brilliant! Great job!
Kim xXx

Michelle said...

Love your card Teri and clever of you to design the pop up inside - just genius!!
x Michelle