Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sweet Angel and Baby

Hiya folks!

Happy Halloween to you all! Not that I celebrate it much, not into all that Trick or Treat stuff. It can get really scarey for older folk having kids throwing eggs and flour at your windows when you don't answer the door.

On a nicer note, this card is celebrating the birth of 'You know who' - won't say his name in case it offends anyone out there (Political Correctness gone mad!!). Besides, I don't do the religion thing in a big way anyhow. Christenings, Weddings and Funerals is about all I do. I prefer to worship Mother Earth and all she does for us.

So, my card today is going into two challenges. First up, the sketch, provided by the lovely ladies at Delightful Sketches - thanks girlies!

Then at The Pixie Cottage the theme is 'Celebrate!'

The image is one of my own again, available now at Delicious Doodles, my blog shop. I have also separated the Angel and the Baby, so they are available on their own too.

I coloured them in with the usual watercolour pencils - blended with WATER, for those who have asked in the past - no need for those funny blending pencils etc. . . Then I layered with foam pads, and added some gold stickles on the halo's and wings.

Papers are Tinker & Co, ribbon from the stash, bought at ebay I think. And that is it! Done!

Now to go get the kiddies some lunch. . .

Friday, 30 October 2009

New Doodles Added

As promised folks, I have now added those new items from a couple of posts ago, plus some more newbies I have been working on.

These are all now available in my blog shop, Delicious Doodles.



Baby Jesus asleep in the Hay:

Sweet Little Angel:

Little Angel and Baby Jesus:

Happy Holly-days!

Hiya folks!

Just the one challenge today, sorry about that - just haven't had any time to do much else.

This card is going into the Midnight Madness challenge, a lovely sketch again ladies - keep 'em comin'!!

I used one of my own images for this card, the Holly sprig - available from my shop Delicious Doodles - and kept the rest of the card within the Holly theme, using backing papers from an Artylicious cd. The text paper in the circles is by Tinker & Co, with green inked daubed round the edges.

For the Holly, I printed it out three times, and inked the colours on for a richer colour than my usual pencils, the layered it up with foam pads, and added some glistening snow. This has been layered onto white card with a printed red border, and then some pearlescent gold card trimmed with some border scissors.

I made the buckle myself, using a circle punch, some more ink and some Pebeo Touch metallic paint, and the ribbon is actually a paper ribbon sticker.

Lastly I popped some red metallic brads at the top to finish it off.

If you haven't checked them out at Midnight Madness you really oughta - there is so much going on over there, I have a job keeping up with them! They have a blog hop starting on Dec 8th, which I shall be keeping an eye out for!

Right - lunch is calling - I'm off to see what I can rustle up!

Pixie Cottage Candy

Hi folks!

The Pixie Cottage are having their very first Blog Candy Giveaway!

The prize is six of their stamps, including one from the new mystery designer.

Now, if I had to choose a fav from this collection, it would have to be those Penguins, they are just too cute!!! They look all warm and cosy snuggled up in their woolies (and the candy cane looks yummy too!)

You have until 22nd November to get your entries in, so get going!!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pink Rose

Hiya folks.

This card is going into three challenges this morning.

First up, the sketch, provided by the lovely ladies at Stamp, Scrap and Doodle Saturday Challenge:

Next up, the theme of Thanksgiving, or Gratitude at Crafty Creations. We don't do Thanksgiving here in the UK, so I opted for Thank You instead, hope that's OK guys??

And then at Sophisticat, there is a colour theme of Pink, Brown and a Flower, and it's my first time entering a challenge here.

After racking my brains and trudging through all my images on file, I opted for a Rose image that I had sketched last year but hadn't scanned to my compy yet (what a divv!).

Thus, duly scanned in and twiddled with in photoshop, I made it a pink one to go with the colour theme, and made it a biggy too! I layered it up with some large foam pads, and gave the petals a bit of a twirl for extra effect, and popped a wee gem on one for some sparkle.

Hope it doesn't obliterate the sketch layout too much. . . Ah, well - whatever! I shall load this one up to my blog shop Delicious Doodles in a day or two, along with some more Christmas images I am working on.

I used some scrummy papers from Raspberry Road Designs named Mocha Love. I took a bit of a liberty with the ribbon bit on the sketch, as I wanted to use a gorgeous felt flower trim I found at the local craft shop, which happened to be pink! Dead handy!

So there you have it, job done. Now for some lunch!!

Customer Creation Time again

Hi all,

Here is another fabulous creation from one of my customers at Delicious Doodles.

Claire at CraftyC's Crafting Library purchase my Dove design, and this is what she made with it:

What a great job Claire! Thanks hun!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Award time

Hi folks!

I've been given a couple of awards from some very nice ladies. First up is this:

passed onto me by the lovely Kim at Memories in Thyme. Thanks hun!!

The rules are these:

I need to pass this award on to five people, post on their blog to let them know I left this award, and then I need to answer a list of questions in ONE word. Hmmnn.

1. Where is your cell phone? drawer

2. Your hair? blonde

3. Your mother? cuddly

4. Your father? cantankerous

5. Your favorite food? chocolate!!

6. Your dream last night? confused. . .

7. Your favorite drink? wine

8. Your dream/goal? contentment

9. What room are you in? craft (duh!)

10. Your hobby? cardmaking

11. Your fear? failure

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy

13. Where were you last night? crafting

14. Something that you aren't? affluent!!

15. Muffins? choc-chip

16. Wish list item? LOADSAMONEY

17. Where did you grow up? country

18. Last thing you did? this

19. What are you wearing? clothes. . .!!??!!

20. Your TV? off

21. Your Pets? none

22. Friends? distant

23. Your life? hectic

24. Your mood? content

25. Missing Someone? nope

26. vehicle? estate

27. Something your not wearing? bling

28. Your favorite store? online

29. Your favorite color? purple

30. When was the last time you laughed? yesterday

31. Last time you cried? saturday

32. Your best friend? hubby

33. One place that I go to over and over? garden

34. Facebook? nope

35. Favorite place to eat? pass

Next award was passed to me by the equally lovely Fiona at Lil Daffodil - cheers doll !!

I am to tell you all five things you didn't know about me, but I think all the Q&A's above kinda covers that don't you??

Now to pass on the award(s). That's a hard one, so many lovely ladies out there, such a lot of fantastic work - I'm gonna cop out, and let ALL OF YOU have one of these awards.

So, if you want one, come get one!! You know you deserve it!!!

Lesley's Blog Candy

Hi folks,

My teamie Lesley at Winter Wonderland is having some Birthday Blog Candy to be drawn on the 14th November. Take a look at this lot:

Customer Creation Time

Hi all, second post today, scroll down if you want to see the first one!

It's time for another of my customers' creations:

This card has been created by Lisa Foster at 'Stampin' For Sanity' (know the feeling!) and what a wonderful job she did with my little Polar Bear image, Bobby.

This image is available for purchase at my blog shop Delicious Doodles.

Harry's Last Outing

Hiya folks!

BLISS!! The sun is out! Almost forgot what it looks like. So much more cheerful with the extra light!

It's Sweet Sketch Wednesday time again, and here is another one of Arlana's lovely sketches:

It's a colour challenge this week too, and we were also challenged to use a Halloween theme if we wanted.
These were difficult colours to fit around Halloween, and I hope I have managed it. So this is going to be Harry the Spiders' last coming out party of the year! (Anyone remember that advert?) The spider image is my own, available at Delicious Doodles, my blog shop.

The skull paper is from Funky Hand, from their Salt + Pepper set. I converted the image to greyscale in Photoshop, so that I could get whatever colour I wanted in my page makeup package. The strip at the bottom was going to be ribbon, but I didn't have any to match these colours, so I printed some spooky 'Mwooohahahaha's' on green to match the darker green colour.

The green backing paper is from Gothic Milly by Tinker & Co, again made greyscale, so I get to make my own colour with it. What would I do without Photoshop??!! I printed some extra matching colours out to punch the flower shapes from. Harry the Spider is coloured with the usual watercolour pencils, and layered for extra spooky dimension!!

Your turn now then. Head over to Sweet Sketch Wednesday for some more fun ideas and inspiration from the fabby DT, and have a go yourself - these sketches are ace to work with!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

White Poinsettia

Hi again folks, second post of the day, so scroll down to see the first.

This card is for four challenges, so without further ado, I'll get on with it!

I have been wanting to draw a Poinsettia for ages, but never got round to it, until now. I saw some lovely 3d flowers on the net, can't remember where now, and thought I'd try doing a flower shape a bit like that, but with the Poinsettia instead of regular flowers.

It just so happens that at Rosie-Dee's the theme is the colours of carrot, courgette and to have a flower. This has had be beat for a while! But after doing the Poinsettia I wanted to use it for this challenge.

Then I found that the Secret Crafters Saturday Challenge wanted colours too, of Orange and one other. This set me thinking that maybe I could make the flower a white one instead of the regular red, as you do get white Poinsettia. Then I can have the courgette green for the leaves, and put a spot of very pale orange on the petals for a bit of colour.

Next up I used the sketch at Friday Sketchers, which I turned sideways as it sat better with the flower image, and finally at Bee Crafty they want to see distressing, so I have inked up round the edges of the card and the papers. Hope that will do. . .

To make the flower 3d, I printed out three flowers, and cut out the top layers of my drawing. I used inks and daubers to colour one layer green, and the left the other two white with little faint daubs of the orange for the petals. Then I scored along the centre of each petal and folded it, but not quite to the very centre. Then I bent them back at the point where the round middle bit is, and placed them atop of one another with some foam pads between for extra depth. Lastly I cut the centre out and daubed orange on that, and put some glistening snow writer round the petals and in the middle.

The backing papers are from Tinker & Co. If anyone is interested, I will be popping the Poinsettia flower on my Delicious Doodles shop when I upload my next lot of doodles in a couple of days time.

Bursts of Colour - Tuesday Taggers

Hi all,

Yet another wet and weary day here. Doesn't exactly fill you with inspiration. It's just as well that there is a cheerful theme at Tuesday Taggers this week!

WOW - you guys ROCKED last week. I think it must have been a record lot of entries for us over there! You ladies are very busy with all those Halloween projects.

This week our sponsor is The Craft Barn, and they have just reworked their website to make it even easier for us to find our way around, and they have a new button for us:

So, our theme this time at Tuesday Taggers is inspired by the coming of 5th November, where over here in the UK we mark the anniversary of Guy Fawkes attempt to overthrow the Government by trying to blow it up (nothing changes here then!). So every year we get out the fireworks and have huge bonfires (they burned Guy Fawkes as punishment - eeeuuuww!).

Fireworks are so gorgeous with all the lovely colours, so we want to celebrate 'Bursts of Colour' as our theme.

Somewhere along the line I lost a bit of my mojo for this theme, as I wanted to do something about Guy Fawkes night. I found a piccie on the internet with some lovely firework explosions, so I have used that as the front of my card. I printed it onto glossy paper for extra colour.

I wanted to do a Pop-up card for the inside, so trawled through the internet again for AGES until I found a site that shows you loads of Pop-up ideas. I based mine on a flower design they had, but changed the flower shapes into flame shapes, to simulate the flames of a bonfire.

I used coloured thin card for the different shapes, and inked round the edges for extra effect, not that you can see it too well. It's been so dark here lately I can't get decent pics!

Lastly I printed a sentiment from an old rhyme we learned as kids 'Remember, Remember the 5th of November'. I think that was handed down over the centuries to remind us all not to go blowing up things. Shame we don't all learn the same thing.

So, now we want you to show us your most colourful creations! Head over to Tuesday Taggers for some more wonderful inspiration, and have a go!! Let's see if we can equal last week's entries!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Even More New Doodles!!

Yep, I'm still doodling for Christmas!

Some more cuties in Gift Boxes, and Rudolf at last!! All available NOW in my Delicious Doodles shoppe!

Here we go then:

Sammy the Scottie Dog:

Willie the Westie Dog:


Rudolf with a Gift Box:

Rudolf In a Gift Box:

Digital Ink Co. New Challenge

Hi folks.

Phew, just got the shopping in for another week - GOD I HATE shopping!! Unless of course it is for crafty stuff! LOL

So I have grabbed me a coffee, so I can sit here and post this for you. As it is Monday, it is time for a new challenge at Digital Ink Co. and also a notice of some more goodies! Yeay! If you sign up for the DI-Co newsletter you get a FREE image every month!! Cooool or what!

This week's challenge is a recipe - yum! You need to use some fabric, a bow, a button and glitter for your creations this time. Smacks of Christmas to me, so that's what I chose to do. We all got to play with an image by Julie from Jules' Junk at the Digital Ink Co Shop. I played with this lovely doggie image by colouring with my watercolour pencils, and layering up with the usual foam pads.

For the fabric, sorry I don't do sewing any more, it hurts the fingers too much!! So I opted to be sneaky and use some fabric flowers, with a bit of metallic ribbon curled into twirly bits. I fastened a little button to it with some thread - fiddly or what! I used some matching ribbon for the big bow in the top corner, then used some glistening snow glitter paint here and there for the glitter bit. Papers by Tinker & Co.

Right then, now I need to put the shopping away - ugh! Get yourself over to Digital Ink Co Challenge Blog and take a lookey at the lovely DT's creations for some more inspiration, and get cookin' - I mean creating!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dove of Peace

Happy Sunday All!

I really enjoyed looking at everyone's Christmas Stocking cards last week at Winter Wonderland, fabulous job all!

This week we have an 'Open Theme', so we're leaving it up to you guys to choose what you do, as long as it is Christmassy! You should see what the fab DT have come up with this time - BOY you'll be impressed, and our Guest Lynda has worked wonders!!

We have a sponsor for this theme - ME!! Yep, little old me is sponsoring Winter Wonderland for this theme, and I am offering up a prize of THREE, yes 3 digi-images of the winner's choice to be made from my little shop - Delicious Doodles.

As a special for the DT, I designed a wee Dove for us to play with, some impressive goodies have been made with it. You really MUST take a look HERE.

I made a couple of items for this theme, using my Dove image. First I made a Word Book, utilizing a wordbook download I bought from Funky Hand. This was printed onto card first, but was a bit floppy to stand by itself, so I stuck it to some gold card. Just the trick! Then I added some of my Doves in different sizes, making the big one 3 dimensional with foam pads, and splodged some dimensional snow here and there.

Then I also made another Step card using a template from SAM Cards. Also available there was a Snowman Step card with the word Peace, but this word didn't have an 'A', just a snowman. So I made one up in photoshop to match.

You'd never know to look at it!! The paper is Funky Hand from the wordbook set, but I changes one of the backgrounds supplied and twiddled with the colour a bit until I got one I liked.

I printed out some bits of Holly I had from a set by Cuddly Buddly and added them here and there, along with some resized Doves, and a big bow, and another 3d Dove for the main image.

Lastly I added a sentiment under the main image, and some glittery bits. Done!

Now we want to see your masterpieces! Head over to Winter Wonderland and take a look at the fabulous DT samples for some gorgeous inspiration! Can't wait to see what you come up with this week!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

More New Doodles Added

I've been doodling again.

Some more newbies for Christmas, plus the Harvest Mouse as featured on Tuesday Taggers the other week, and a Dove to be featured tomorrow on Winter Wonderland, as it is myself doing the sponsorship there for the next week! These images are all available for purchase in my blog shop Delicious Doodles

So here goes:

Harvest Mouse:

Dove of Peace:

Kitty In a Box:

Doggie In a Box:

Bunny In a Box:

Anniversary Love Birds

Hi folks.

Yet another wind blown and damp day here. BORING!!

This card is for two challenges today. First I followed the sketch at A Spoonful of Sugar. Nice and simple, just how I like it!

And the theme, at C.R.A.F.T. is Anniversary.

I chose to use a digital kit from Tinker & Co for this. Anyone know what's happening with them? No new stuff, no blog updates, emails bouncing back. . . They are still about, 'cause I found some new stuff of theirs at Crafts-u-print the other day. Being on their DT you would think I would know, but all has gone silent!

Anyway, I printed out the relevant bits that I wanted, layered it all with foam pads and added some extra gems, made some flowers, and attached them with metallic brads. Ta-da! Nice and simple today. Just as well, I'm feeling a bit under-inspired at the moment!

Customer Creation Time

Hi Folks!

Just look what the lovely Saskia has been up to:

A lovely set of Halloween goodie bags, with my little Batty Bat on the fold-over bit! Brilliant job Saskia!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Candi the Angel

Yep, Candi has been dressing up again.

This time I made her into an Angel, just for the festive season. If you want this image, it is available at my blog shop, Delicious Doodles.

I made this card for a couple of challenges, possibly three if there is enough bling on it??

First up the sketch, which I have only just come across at Pixie Cottage. Such a cute name I couldn't resist a peek. It is their first ever challenge and the sketch was lovely, so I had to have a go!!

Next up, the theme at Digital Tuesday Challenge, is 'Things with Wings', and must include a digi-image somewhere. Well you know me, nothing but digi's - well maybe some embellies here and there. . .

Last up, and this is a maybe here, La-La-Land want some sparkle and bling. I gold heat embossed round the edges of the card and the circle shape for some shiny sparkle, added some gold shiny to the flowers, a bit of metallic gold twirly ribbon, and dotted gold stickles here and there. Is that enough?? Or should I have loaded on some charms somewhere?? NAA! That would have been O.T.T.!!

The papers are all Tinker & Co. The flowers are made from punched daisy shapes, and a little gold star shape in the centres. I coloured Candi with my watercolour pencils as usual, and layered her up with foam pads for some extra dimension. So there you have it!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Candi the Witch

Ok, Ok!

Just for you then I have loaded Candi the Witch already!! BOY you guys are keen!!

She is all ready to go on my Delicious Doodles blog. Now I'm off to bed, so if you buy tonight, I'll send her off to you in the morning, OK??

Night, night! Mind those bed bugs don't bite. . .mwooohahahaha!