Friday, 4 September 2009

Glad I Don't Live By The River!!

BOY have WE had an eventful 24 hours here in Bonny ?!!? Scotland!!

NOTHING but flippin' rain has fallen since I got up yesterday, and it's only just stopping now. I got soaked twice taking the wee one up to and back from school.

We live near Elgin in a village called Fochabers. Along the back of the village is a usually wee burn or stream, but today IT'S A RAGING TORRENT!!

It's wiped out a few wooden bridges, and even part of the road that goes over it! Sad to say, some poor sod is going to loose his house too, most of his garden went with the water, and his van and car down to the river it joins onto - the Spey, which is also a tad full!! Glad to say the guy is OK, but he almost went along with it!! - eeek!!

So, there you are, the pleasures of living by water. . .

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Lisa Foster said...

Good Gracious!!! Do you need me to send you a canoe? Stay safe!