Friday, 24 July 2009

Winter Wonderland Design Team Post

Weyhey! Yippee! and Woah!
There, that's the excitement out of the way.
Just thought I'd mention to anyone interested that I have been offered, and have accepted a post on the Winter Wonderland Design Team. Yeay!
Can't wait to start officially.
I've already started doing my offerings for the weekly challenges, but no, you can't see them yet! That would be cheating wouldn't it. . .


Teri said...

Welcome aboard Teri! It's going to fantastic working with another wonderful, talented lady!

Teri P xx

Saskia said...

Congratulations Teri!!!

Your work will be a great inspiration!!

Saskia :)

Sam Morris said...

Great to have you with us Teri, sooo looking forward to seeing your creations for the challenges :)